Web Design Tutorial: How to Build a Website in Easy 6 Steps?

Website designing and developing is a large business, but this business include varies level of design professionalism. There are a huge number of websites on the Internet that already growing every second, however the range of professionalism is huge, you can find a lot of good websites but you can find a lot of bad ones too, so it’s important to know how to build a good website and which pass you take to build a good one.
If you are a designer, developer or even a beginner to website developing, you can just follow these easy steps to build a good website. If you in the process of doing a new website, but you don’t know how! Well this is the right topic for you. In our tutorial today you will find how to create a great website step by step.

Step 1: website idea.
Before going in to the building process, you have to decide what will be the main idea for your website. If you already have a business and you want to do this website about it, so your job is easy just decide the main feature for your website, But what if you don’t have a business and this website you do will be just a personal website for your or for another task, now you need to decide something’s;
First you need to decide what is the main idea and what do you want your website to be about?, then you have to think about your website visitors, what do you have to offer to them in your new website and why they should visit you website so you have to think about some interesting things to offer for this visitors.
Now you can proceed to the next step.
Step2: website look and design.
In this step you have to think about your website design, contents, layout, colors, banners, design structure etc…
-First thing you think about is your website colors, choose only two to three colors for your design, one for the background, one for the text and one for the titles and this stuff. My advice to you in the manner of the colors is just to make is simple and I prefer always to have a white background and a dark text color to make it easier for reading.
-Second your website layout; just think about the main look you want your website to have. An easy way to do this is to choose a template from any templates website.
-Third website contents; before doing your template go over your content you want to show in your new website, go over your content but in writing then after you finish all contents choose your website pages and specify contents for each page.
Proceed to the next step.

Step3: Domain and hosting.
If you don’t want to spend any money you can choose any free web hosting but if you want my advice, don’t do that cause all free hosting puts a lot of ads in every page in your website and believe me you do not need to have this ads in your pages. So go and find a good hosting for your website like yahoo hosting for example and it will not cost that much.
You have a domain name and hosting area!! Cool now you can proceed to the next step.

Step4: Build your pages.
To build your website you need to know a language to build it with, so if you know some basic language like HTML you will be able to build it, if not it’s not a problem just find any tutorial about HTML here on associated content or find any tutorial to learn HTML basics and there is a lot of these tutorial all over the internet, you don’t have to learn all about HTML just you need to know the basic tags.
Now if you go over some HTML basics or you already know Html you can go now and build your first page.

Step5: Editing and reediting.
After building your pages you need know to stop and take a good look at your pages, go over every page and make sure of these mandatory features;

1- Easy navigation: make sure you are able to go to every page and you are able to go back to the home page.
2- Check your words: go over your pages and see if you have any misspelling words and if so correct these words.
3- Matching colors and good design: see if there is something you don’t like in your website design.
4- Hot parts: make sure that your important information’s is shown well and in a good parts to make it easier for your website visitor to see.
5- Broken links: make sure that every link in your website is working well and in a good shape.

6- All your pages follow the same template or pattern.
Now after checking all this important point go back and build the remaining pages.
Now you can proceed to the next step.

Final step: Uploading, finalizing and updating.
After finishing all your website pages:
– Try to take another look and see if there is something you need to edit or redo.
– Upload your website pages and files to your Hosting server.

Now your website is working and you visitors will come to see your website.
All you have to do know is to promote your website, you can do these the easy way by telling your people you know about your website or the other way called SEO which needs a long time to talk about…if you really want know check out my next topic and you will know how to do that??!!
Another thing is to keep updating your website, all visitor need to see a new thing every time they visit your website, so just make sure to update your website every two or three week.
That’s all for this time, hope you find it useful. Until next time, have fun.